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Blueprint EDMS™ is a Document Management application that provides the capability to convert paper documents to electronic files (tiff, jpeg, etc.) for storage and retrieval from a central or distributed repository.

Blueprint EDMS™ is locally developed by South African Software Solution Architects as a cost effective electronic document management solution

Key Benefits


Scalable from 1 user to multi-branches.


Licensed per functionality and server - Unlimited per the number of users accessing the system or utilising the acquired functionality.


Unlimited licenses for Scanning (Twain and Kofax), Indexing and Retrieval as standard


Single Storage Technology™ available as standard (see below)


Additional modules available allowing Advanced functionality to suit any organisation's requirements


Access to specialised services



Single Storage Technology™

Microsoft SQL database’s BLOB technology is utilised whereby both the image (stored as a binary object) and its metadata (index values) are stored in the same database.

Improved security:

: If images are stored in a file structure, unauthorised users may have access to it and it could be accidentally deleted. Inside the database Windows, MSSQL and Blueprint EDMS™’ security protects the data.

: Binary objects – Images are stored as Binary objects and totally unreadable when directly accessed from within the database, whereas any image in a directory can be viewed by any user when access is obtained

: No shares or mapped drives to files have to be created on local workstations for users to retrieve the images

o   Limiting shares, limits the infection and spreading of viruses on the network

:  Limits access to sensitive data

:  Faster retrieval of information – metadata and images are retrieved from the same location, the database only

: Smaller images – less storage required. SQL allows additional compression of images when stored inside the database as apposed to storage in a directory (approx. 20% additional compression) 

o        Improved Information Management

o        Access can be assigned or revoked at database level

o        Only the database has to be backed up

o        When deploying new servers, only the database has to be moved



Custom Controls

Our extensive software development experience allowed SASSA to develop its own proprietary controls for manipulating software execution which means:

:     Less 3rd party software dependency

:     Reduced cost of ownership and deployment for the customer



Microsoft development platform (C#)

(.Net Framework 3.5)

Blueprint EDMS™ is 100% developed with C# for optimal utilisation of the Microsoft environment

Additional Functionality (depending on the modules purchased)


Indexing Automation utilising:

*       OCR – Optical Character Recognition

*       Barcode recognition with automated indexing

*       Fill values – Information can be automatically filled from other databases during indexing when using multiple index fields (at least one value has to be entered)

*       Information Distribution - Update other databases when documents are indexed (added) 


Validation of entered values:

:    At Indexing (online) or

:    At Uploading of information to the repository, after indexing has taken place (offline)



Offline / Remote scanning and indexing with scheduled publishing – the scanning or index stations doesn’t require connection to the database during scanning or indexing, only when the scanned / indexed files has to be inserted (published) into the main repository



Scheduling – Data to be published can be scheduled to alleviate network congestion during business hours



Export of data to removable storage for distribution or storage



WWW Server – Web interface for retrieval of data from across the globe



Wizard enabled configurable options enable easy interfacing with various other applications and databases, without requiring experts (Select and save)


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